Louie’s Training Tip # 2

Want your dog to behave well all the time? Stop giving life rewards away for free. Me, I have to sit before I get to jump on the couch.


I took my two Rottweilers to Lynn’s group class and she was wonderful. She did not shy away from my dogs because of their breed. I have signed up for more classes and recommend Lynn to anyone.

– Darius R.

When I took my puppy I adopted from the shelter to Lynn’s classes, she was shy, submissive and aggressive toward other dogs. Lynn was fantastic! I can’t recommend Lynn highly enough.

– Denise K.

I knew that I wanted a Cane Corso from the moment I read about the breed. I understood that it was going to be my responsibility to train the dog, and that neglecting any part of it could be a danger to others.

I have Lynn to thank for training me what I could expect from my Cane Corso, and understand now the responsibility of owning a dog as powerful (and loving!) as mine.

Thank you Lynn,

– Gabriella Redding, CEO 0f Hoopnotica

Lynn cuts to the chase and doesn’t scold. She has a kind message delivered with a loving firmness. For specific problems she has specific answers, and for behavior modification patterns, she helps you stay on track for the long haul.

– Katherine Beatie, Co-Founder k9 Connection